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About Us

HomeState Mortgage is founded on the belief that the mortgage is the key ingredient to buying or selling your home and that choosing the right mortgage broker will save you, the customer lots of headaches and money. We at HomeState Mortgage strongly believe in a long term relationship. We would like to keep you as a client not just this one time, but for years to come, if not you then your children. This is why we will always do our best to present and help you choose the right option for you and will keep you in mind when financial markets change to your benefit. From the moment that you decide you want to buy, HomeState Mortgage can counsel you on all of the financial aspects of owning your own home and different ways of paying for it. When you find your home, we keep you and your Realtor informed of all pertinent information relating to your financing and closing.


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Laura C

“I've refinanced about 4 or 5 times in the last decade, and my experience with HomeState Mortgage was by far the best. Gene was professional and knowledgable and delivered everything as promised. Thank you,”

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Paul A

At this point, I have refinanced with Gene two times. The first time I did a loan consolidation, with cash-out to refinance an addition to my home. Gene was friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks to him, everything went smooth and in a timely manner.

A couple of months, later Gene called me to let me know that a program is available where I could save about $100 a month on my payments. After discussing it with him, I realized that it is something that I would like to do. I appreciate Gene’s work in keeping me in mind after the initial refinancing, and watching after my interests. I know that I will work with him and HomeState Mortgage again in the future. I would also recommend him to anyone who is looking for a mortgage.

Thank you,

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Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned transferee, HomeState Mortgage has the experience and the expertise to match your mortgage to your home and your lifestyle. You deserve to work with the best in the business and with someone who wants their customers to be life-time partners. Customer satisfaction is our first priority, call us today to begin our life-time journey together. See you at HomeState Mortgage

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